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Tottenism Tuesday: Talk It Over

Our coaching philosophy has always entailed a discussion of all possible scenarios with the lifter BEFORE the competition starts. We will take care of strategy, weight changes, decisions, etc. Having that pre-meet discussion will prevent last minute decisions that can easily go awry. What do they do if they follow themselves? What do they do if they have taken their first attempt and then have 15 attempts on the platform before their second attempt? Do they come back and do a full lift or just a pull? What are their goals for that meet – PRs, medals, high placement or qualifying total? Go into the meet with a set game plan but let the coach then deal with the decisions “when the bullets are flying”. Of course, during the course of the competition, there are many things that happen that the coach has to react to. The best plans never seem to work out perfectly, but at least be ready for those last minute changes. While the meet is going on, we want them thinking as little as possible about all of the extraneous things and let our coaches shoulder that burden. We want each lifter completely focused on what is the #1 priority – putting the weight overhead! #tottenismtuesday #tottentraining #coachtotten #leototten #tottentrainingsystems #tottentraining #gameplan

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