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Tottenism Tuesday: Worried? Read a Book

In these crazy times, there are many of us who are stressed out, anxious and worried. Will we get sick? Will our family get sick? Where is the next paycheck coming from? When will this crazy time ever end?? There are many different things that one can do to reduce the anxiety levels, but here is an interesting thought. I know it might seem like a weird concept, but, Read a Book!! And, read it out loud. The brain can’t handle worrying and reading out loud at the same time! If you are like most people, when reading silently, your mind might tend to wander and go back to that worrying place. If you read out loud, you might want to do that around people who won’t think you were a bit wacko, but give it a try. Bet you can’t read out loud and still worry about all the crazy world around you!

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