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Tottenism Tuesday: A Horse is a Four Legged Athlete

I am certainly not a horse expert by any means but I have always felt that horses are magnificent creatures who are beautiful, well trained ATHLETES.  As any other athlete, proper care is essential for maximum performance.  Good trainers will try to avoid the “rode hard and put away wet” syndrome. This is a saying that refers to horse care but also has strong implications for coaches and athletes.  I know that after a horse has been run hard, they build up a sweat just like any other athlete.  Well, good trainers know that when that horse gets back into the stall, it will need to be brushed, groomed and cooled down so it can relax and be ready for the next training session.  If you think about it, human athletes are in the situation.  After a training session, they need to do what it takes to be ready for the next workout.  They need to take the time to cool down, stretch, sauna, or whatever is needed to be ready to jump start the recovery period.  Many times, the workout finishes and the athlete rushes out the door and forgets the full cool down.  Do whatever you can to make that next workout as awesome as possible – and that starts right at the end of that previous workout. Take a lesson from our 4 legged friends!

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