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Tottenism Tuesday: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Weightlifting is a sport that demands hard work, discipline, consistency in training along with a myriad of other stuff that takes a lot of focused effort! However, the one component of training and competing that some lifters (and coaches) forget, is that there has to be an element of fun involved! There has to be a ton of good, repetitive movement in both the lifts as well as the assistance exercises, so it can be a bit of a grind or monotonous sometimes. Keep the focus, of course but mix in some fun things to break it up some. It is so important to keep the motivation levels high and putting in some fun can help. The atmosphere of discipline and focus has to stay in the forefront but sometimes anxiety and simply “trying too hard” will hinder performance. Mix it up, lighten it up occasionally and you will see that long term success you are looking for!

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