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Tottenism Tuesday: Bucket List

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

My last #Tottenism was about doing one hard thing every day and getting out of your comfort zone. Well, I practice what I preach! It has always been on my “bucket list” to sky dive. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy for me being Mr. Conservative and not really a wild and crazy sort of guy, but I always wanted to try it and, trust me, it is WAY out of my comfort zone! But I’m going to make it happen this weekend thanks to my friends at @crossfitraefordnc in North Carolina. They are hooking me up with a jump on Friday and then, in exchange, I am doing a weightlifting seminar for them. I tell others to one hard thing every day and I am looking forward to continuing that philosophy myself. Wish me luck!! #tottenismtuesday#tottentraining#tottentrainingsystems#leototten#totten#coachtotten#bucketlist#skydive#skydiving

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