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Tottenism Tuesday: Eye of the Coach, Part 2

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

This #tottenismtuesday is a Part 2! I am a big fan of coaches using video analysis with their athletes. This is a great teaching tool, particularly for those athletes who are more visual learners. Coaches can slow down a lift, break down technique and analyze in terms the athletes can understand. Optimum body angles and bar trajectory can be shown to the athlete so they can go back and apply what they have learned on the platform. However, it is important for coaches to develop their own “eye” to be able to pick up technique issues and get the point across to their athlete right on the spot. There are a hundred little things the coach can be looking for but can they do it in real time. Can they find the “cause” of the missed lift, not just, “oh, you didn’t finish your pull”. Was the cause early arm bend, rounded back, or coming up on the toes too early? I have seen some coaches become almost TOO dependent on critiquing lifts in slow motion video but haven’t developed the ability to analyze lifts in real time as effectively. If you have 30 athletes in your weight room, the coach needs to be able to constantly be giving strong feedback to as many athletes as possible. It takes time and experience to be really proficient in developing that “eye” but the time and effort is well worth it. Try to balance your time between video analysis and real time coaching that works best in your situation.

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