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Tottenism Tuesday: Good Better Best

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I once spoke at a weightlifting clinic attended with a ton of big name strength coaches. I always learn a tremendous amount at these clinics and just hope I lend at least a little to the learning process of the attendees. Well, at this particular event, I was fortunate to have a long conversation with the late Fred Hatfield. Many of you know him as “Dr. Squat”. Fred was a renowned lifer in his own right but also a very learned coach and teacher in the strength sports. We had a great conversation that evening and one of his thoughts that really stuck with me was the concept of “good, better, best”. So often, we are satisfied with being Good at something. Or even continually striving to be Better at what we do. But, if you are going to do something, why not be the BEST at it? Be the Best coach you can be, or the best athlete, or the best parent, or the best person? This should be an everyday occurrence and a way of life. It takes effort at first, but when it becomes a Habit of striving to be your Best and really knowing what you want out of life, then it becomes second nature and doesn’t seem like effort at all. It just IS! Are you at that point yet??

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