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Tottenism Tuesday: Leave a Legacy

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Thinking back to a NSCA Coaches Conference I once attended, one of the highlights for me was to be able to listen in on the round table discussion with four of the icons of our strength and conditioning world – Meg Stone, Boyd Epley, Al Vermeil and Johnny Parker! Man, what a lineup of four of the best, most knowledgeable strength coaches ever! And I can say that they all have been a great, positive influence on my coaching and teaching over the years! Many profound comments were made during that session, but one that stood out to me was when Meg Stone told all the young strength coaches in the audience to “leave a legacy”. Everything you do in your career is creating a body of work on a day by day, year by year basis. Continue to learn and grow, leading the way with your commitment to doing the right thing for the right reasons. When you leave your profession, how do you want to be remembered? Have you left behind a legacy that you can be proud of?

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