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Tottenism Tuesday: Look Em In The Eye

I am big into body language and facial expressions. It tells you a lot about what a person is like, what they are thinking and how they are reacting to a particular situation. When I was a wrestler, I could read a lot about my opponent when I crossed the circle to shake his hand. Was it a firm handshake, did he look me in the eye, did he stand tall or slouch away. If it was a wimpy handshake with no eye contact, I knew I was in control right off the bat. If it was a firm handshake with a look straight into my eyes, I knew it would be a battle. Sometimes it was false bravado, but for the most part, it was real. When working with young athletes, make sure they get it. No matter what the situation, whether it be an athletic event or a business deal or just meeting a new person, make a good first impression. Firm handshake, confident body language and “look ‘em in the eye”.

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