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Tottenism Tuesday: Old School Works

Trying out the latest, greatest thing coming down the pike is a trend among all of us, especially athletes and coaches. We all think that we need to utilize the newest thing out there so that we can stay up with our competition. Some of the latest gadgets and “tricks” that are out there might have some validity and work to a point, but be careful not to be fooled into thinking that just because it is new that it is necessarily better. I know I am an old fart and have been coaching for about a trillion years, and sometimes I get accused of being “old school”. Actually, I take that as a compliment because, you know what, “old school” works! Bottom line is that you have to build strength and power the good old fashioned way with a lot of hard work and discipline. There is no easy, fast way to reach the top. This is the foundation from which to build success and it has been proven over the years to actually work. Throw in some of the new stuff to supplement and make better what you are already doing, but be careful not to think it is a replacement. Some of the newest stuff down the line may not have been around long enough to even back up their claims, but “old school” methods have been proven by research and results over and over!

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