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Tottenism Tuesday: Perfect Enough

Last Tottenism we discussed “perfect practice”. But, how perfect does perfect actually have to be? When I work with my weightlifters, I want the technique and execution to be as perfect as possible with the goal eventually being to put as much weight overhead. The better technique combined with maximum force production results in the most weight overhead. However, with other athletes that are using weightlifting to enhance their sport, does the technique have to be perfect? One of the terms I picked up from my buddy and fellow strength coach, Tony Decker, was “perfect enough”. He works with football players and other athletes and he uses the Olympic lifts a lot in their training. Since his goal is different from my goal when training weightlifters, he wants the technique to be “perfect enough” to be effective for performance enhancement as well as keeping the athletes as injury free as possible. Is the technique good enough to do what it is designed to do? In his case, the technique didn’t have to be perfect, but “perfect enough”!

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