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Tottenism Tuesday: Thankful for True Grit

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I know we all have a lot to be very thankful for in our lives. One of the habits I have gotten into the past few years is to check out ESPN’s E:60 the morning after Thanksgiving. It always has inspiring stories of young athletes who have, through courage, character and just pure “grit”, overcome immense odds as they are growing up. In this particular segment, it was about Jake Olsen who was a huge USC football fan who at a very young age, lost his eye sight to cancerous tumors. His story was amazing how he persevered and eventually became a long snapper for his high school football team and eventually, on the USC football team! While totally blind! Stories like this remind me of one of the most important characteristics in humans – that of true grit and determination. I am thankful for the ability to have the strength to fight through any obstacle. And the support of family and friends to help us through these times. We all have problems we deal with, sacrifices we have to make and failures to pick ourselves up from. Hey, life ain’t always easy. Be thankful for the ability to persevere! #tottenismtuesday#tottentrainingsystems#tottentraining#leototten#truegrit#thankful#mentaltoughness

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