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Tottenism Tuesday: Yes, It's Really Me!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

For those of you who are regular viewers of my Tottenism Tuesdays, you may be wondering, is that really Leo writing those little articles? It's amazing how many questions I get about that. Many of you know that Cait Finn is my social media and marketing guru for Totten Training Systems and she is the one who actually posts the Tottenisms. Because Cait does so many great things for me, the logical question is, “Does Cait write your Tottenisms for you?” Well, the answer is NO. I write ‘em, she posts ‘em (ok ok and she gets to pick out the fun photos too - Cait added that part). When I write the Tottenisms, they are from the many years of experience of teaching and coaching with strategies and philosophies that have proven successful in developing athletes as well as quality individuals. So, yep, it’s really me who writes them!

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