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Tottenism Tuesday: Your proctologist called...

Years ago, Jason Gump had a t-shirt that had one of my favorite quotes of all time: “Your proctologist called….they found your head.” Still cracks me up to this day (hey, doesn’t take much to entertain me, I know!) But think about it. The quote really has a deeper meaning (no pun intended). Sometimes athletes just seem to get in their own way by thinking too much or being distracted or not being focused. No matter what the coach says to try to get them to stop thinking, relax and “just do it”, the athlete just gets more frustrated. Saying something as simple as “get your head out of your butt” will make them smile, relax and just let it happen. Of course, the tone used has to be pleasant and not said in a demeaning way, but it might just do the trick. I’m sure we could all use that advice at one time or another.

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