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Tottensim Tuesday: Accountability Counts

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Coaches need to be held accountable for what they ask their athletes to do and the expectations that come along with it. Everybody knows that. As the saying goes, when a team loses, it’s the coach’s fault and when the team wins, it is because of the athletes. That is kinda true, but only to a point. The coach who examines the task at hand and instructs and sometimes cajoles the athletes to do what is right to achieve success often ends up with mixed results. But, the bottom line is, the athlete has to be held accountable for following through as well. No matter how bad the coach wants it, the athlete has to want it just as bad. They have to be willing to do what it takes to reach their potential that the coach has lined up for them. They have to buy into what the coach is selling and put it all on the line. It is so frustrating from a coach’s viewpoint to see a promising athlete not reach their full potential because they don’t follow what is presented to them or decide to do their own thing. When the results aren’t what they expect, maybe its because the work they put in didn’t match up to what they really needed. Just maybe its not the coach’s fault but its because the athlete didn’t feel they were the one’s who needed to be held accountable. Accountability counts – if the coach has to be held accountable, then so does the athlete. #tottenismtuesday#tottenism#tottentrainingsystems#tottentraining#leototten#coachtotten#wordsofwisdom#accountability

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