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Tottensim Tuesday: Don't Change the Routine

As a coach, I can invariably detect when a lifter is going to miss his or her next lift. The lifter comes out for their first snatch. I see the routine – chalk box (3 seconds), approach the bar and stand over it breathing calmly trying to focus (another 10 seconds), reaches down to grab the bar and adjust the grip (7 seconds), sets the back and hips and pulls strongly off the floor (3 seconds). Total of 23 seconds from the time the name was called until the lift off of the floor. GOOD LIFT! Second snatch – same routine, same approximate time, same GOOD LIFT! Now comes the third crucial attempt. A little more riding on this one. It’s a PR, going for the lead, never went 3 for 3 before - whatever. More pressure - gotta do it even better than the first two!! So, the routine changes: chalk box 7 seconds, approach and breathe to focus 15 seconds, grab the bar and adjust the grip 20 seconds, sets the back and pulls 7 seconds. The routine has changed drastically and, guess what, so has the result! MISSED LIFT! Maybe you are thinking too much. Maybe trying too hard. Either way, no matter what the weight or the pressure involved, try to keep the same routine, keep the same pattern and trust all of that consistent hard work you have put in to get to that point!

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