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Tottensim Tuesday: Lessons from Geese

Here we go again, stealing thoughts from Ron McKeefery’s book, “Weight Room Wisdom”. This one comes from Teena Murray of the Sacramento Kings and the chapter was called “Lessons from Geese”. When we talk about leadership and teamwork, we could learn a lot from geese. I know that sounds weird, but think about it, here is what they are doing when they fly in their famous V formation: As a “team” in the V formation, the flying efficiency is 71% better than flying alone If a goose breaks from formation, there is a lot of struggle to catch up. Working with the group makes life a lot easier. When the lead goose gets tired, it goes to the back and relinquishes the lead to one fresher and in better position to do the job efficiently. Geese honk to “encourage” the others. If one of the flock is hurt, two others hang back and help out until they recover. Put all of these analogies into your “teamwork” and “leadership” concepts and practice and you get the idea! Are you and your team as effective as a bunch of geese?? (check out Ron McKeefery’s book, “Weight Room Wisdom”. Outstanding!!)

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