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Physical Preparation Podcast: Leo Totten on Coaching the Olympic Lifts at Every Level

"Leo Totten has always had a fondness for athleticism. As a child, he knew he wanted to be a teacher and coach, so after completing his degree in Health and Physical Education at West Chester University, he became a high school P.E. teacher, coaching students in several sports. This background in physical education helped Leo become a better coach and moulded his philosophy in training. Today, as the owner of Totten Training Systems, Leo takes strength and power training to the next level and imparts his weightlifting wisdom to athletes.

Leo joins me today to discuss coaching Olympic lifts for people at every experience level.

He shares his background in teaching high school physical education and explains how that helped him be a better coach. He illustrates his coaching methods for Olympic weightlifting and reveals the biggest mistakes athletes and coaches commit. And he also describes how he coaches athletes at the individual level, and shares his insights on training children to become future athletes. Because every individual is different, we need to keep them at the level they can handle in good form and position, and pick up their issues and weak areas. – Leo Totten"

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