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Strong, Successful Women

Totten Training Systems Strong Women
Totten Training Systems Strong, Successful Women

You may wonder why I am writing an article on strong, successful women. Well, all of my life, I have been surrounded by strong, successful women and they have continued to amaze me, inspire me and impress me.

Throughout my childhood and early adult life, my mother was the rock and support system that I needed growing up. I am sure that her positive approach to life and tremendous work ethic rubbed off on me in so many ways. Looking back, the things that I was able to do growing up was in large part because she allowed me the independence and trust to “do my thing”, always there for support and guidance. As a single mom, she worked so hard every day to make life good for my brother and me. Strong woman!

I then spent a large majority of my adulthood surrounded by strong women in my family. My wife and two daughters are the epitome of strength, beauty and success. They make me so proud of the things they have accomplished through hard work, perseverance and focus. Not only have they all achieved so much over the years and continue to do so, they serve as a great motivation for me to continue to pursue all of my goals as well. Again, strong women!

And, of course, all of my female lifters that I have worked with over the years and continue to work with. Talk about strong, successful women – they continue to amaze and impress!!

For some reason unknown to me, I have noticed that some men seem to be intimidated by strong women. I don’t get it. How can one not be impressed when they see the many accomplishments of so many women out there as they continue to strive for bigger and better goals. Why be intimidated – why not be motivated?

In a recent Success magazine, there was an article by Edie Berg called “Greatest Hits” where she listed “15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women”. Here are just a few:

- They play to their strengths

- They have ambition

- They stay positive

- They’re constantly learning

- They work hard and persistently

- They do what they believe in

- They have confidence

- They have a vision for the future

- They feel successful but never done

As I look back on the women in my life, I can say that they all have many, if not all, of these traits. That is what helps make them strong and successful! For those men who are intimidated by strong women, you might want to consider following their lead and applying some of these traits yourself!

Photo credit to: @gomezdom627

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