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Leo Talks Cleans with the CSCA

If you follow the Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCA) you may have noticed a Leo Totten special in their last newsletter. Not only did they publish a gem of an article that Leo put together, but he is now also officially on their Education Committee.

Here's a preview of the article and a link to read it in full:

Whether your sport is powerlifting, strongman, football or any other “strength” sport, the power clean should be part of your workout plan.  Obviously, the major emphasis of your training should be whatever discipline you are participating in, but including power cleans at the right time can enhance the performance in any strength sport.

When choosing the exercises to be put into your program, there are two primary considerations to keep in mind.  Does the exercise fit a need or purpose and are the athletes able to perform the exercise correctly so it actually accomplishes what it is supposed to do?

Whatever exercises the coach puts into the program for their athletes, there should be a definite purpose as to why that exercise is being done. 

Why waste time doing exercises that have no functional value in helping the athletes achieve their goal of strength and power?  Choose the best exercises for time efficiency and if the athlete knows the rationale behind it, they will buy into the program much more readily.


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