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Totten Training Throwback: Featured Book - The Physically Prepared Weightlifter

Leo Totten Writes Foreword for James Tatum’s Book

“The Physically Prepared Weightlifter: A General Physical Preparedness Program to Build Your Base”

It was an honor to write the foreword for James Tatum’s book The Physically Prepared Weightlifter. Check out why this book is so important, read an excerpt of my foreword and head over to his site for more information!

“I wrote this book because one of the biggest problems that I see in Weightlifting, CrossFit, and Sports Performance training is a lack of general physical preparedness for the weightlifting movements. Although your sport may utilize a barbell and weights often times you are not developing the base of general strength required to perform well & stay injury free.

That is why I wrote The Physically Prepared Weightlifter. Up to this point there has not been all inclusive guide for generally physically preparing your body for sport. This book fills that void. With over 100 pages of programs, instruction and theory, this is the go to guide for making your body ready for any demand your sport has.” – James Tatum


When James Tatum told me that he had written a book on physical

preparation for the weightlifter, I was pleasantly surprised. I already

knew he was an outstanding weightlifter himself and one of the nice

guys in the sport, but an author too? I had known him through several

years of competitions and had always known him as someone who was

well prepared himself. When the notion of him writing a book came

about, I knew it would be a good one. Because of the high regard that

I have for James in all aspects of his life, I was honored when he asked

me to write the foreword to his book.

The word Quality is used in a variety of contexts and I myself use that

word a great deal. The word depicts Excellence. I always tell people

that long ago I developed the habit of hanging out with quality people

and it has done me well over the years. Hang out with quality people

and it rubs off….

To Read the rest of the Foreword and check out James Tatum’s Book head over to the website here

Originally posted December 28, 2018

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