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Tottenism Tuesday: Against Something or For Something

For all you negative nelly’s out there who always seem to be battling against what other people are saying or arguing against how other people are training, this message is for you.

Although what they say and do might be different from what you feel is best, maybe what they are doing works for them and actually makes sense. Just because it might be different from your point of view doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Maybe you would be better off to listen, take it in and then decide for yourself. If its not right for you, then instead of being “against” what they are saying or doing, how about being for your own way of thinking and doing things!

Everyone has heard the phrase, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”, right? When deciding which way you want to “skin the cat”, promote your way and not necessarily be against the other ways. (Would make a much better world, you know??)

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