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Tottenism Tuesday: Nervous?

First meet? First National meet? First International meet? Bet you’re nervous and a bit anxious, right? You look at everyone around you and even more nerves set in because they all look so calm and under control while you are churning inside. (Been there done that – not only as an athlete, but actually as a coach as well!) But, guess what, everyone may look calm and collected, but, trust me, they have the same anxieties that you have! It’s normal to be nervous! Even after that first meet, the nerves will pop up for sure. The key to it, though, is to learn to harness that nervousness you have and use it to your advantage. Don’t worry about everyone else, just focus on your own lifting and try to find that optimal level of nervous energy for you and use it. Everyone gets nervous, whoever manages it and controls it the best will be the most successful!

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