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Apex Training Gyms Podcast: Leveraging Against "Reds & Blues" with Leo Totten of TTS & ECG

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

"Not too hard when you're going against the "greens & yellows", on the platform. The "easy things" in life, not requiring heavy effort to move. When we evolve, and dare to take on harder tasks, this requires more knowledge, strength, and patience... to lift & show superior might over the "blues & reds". The heaviest plates of the weightlifting sets. Leo Totten, Olympic Team member, Weightlifting Hall of Fame Coach, Level 5 coach, CEO & Founder, AND head coach of East Coast Gold, and Totten Training Systems, will show you how!

Check out his philosophy, and understand the mastermind of behind at this weightlifting genius. He was the one, that improved this Apex Training's head coach total by 15%, in a merely 2 years, as a 31 year old! Get schooled stronger, get further... with Totten Training Systems! "

Want to learn more about totten training systems? Visit!

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