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Totten Training Systems Teams Up With Amplify Sports and Wellness

It is with great honor that we spread the word about the partnership of Totten Training Systems, LLC and Amplify Sports and Wellness! If you have attended any of the latest conferences for NSCA National, NSCA Coaches or CSCCa National, you would have found us together in the Exhibitors Hall letting everyone know who we are and what we do.

Still, folks aren’t fully aware of just how busy we have been and how we are moving forward with our vision and goals. Many of you are aware of what Totten Training Systems has been doing in the strength and conditioning arena, teaching courses, speaking at conferences and generally spreading the word about safe, effective training. But did you know how the collaboration with Amplify Sports and Wellness is making what we do even bigger and better?

It is always a great policy to hang out and work with good, quality people. Well, teaming up with Amplify we have done just that! They are good, quality people with the same Vision as Totten Training Systems. To quote from their website their Vision is: “to shape the future of sport performance and technology, and empower our learners to reach the next level in performance and training”.

Similarly, their Values are described that coincide with those of Totten Training:

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Performance

  • Teamwork

Amplify Sports and Wellness is an online platform that offers coaches and athletes top of the line education with certifications and continuing education units (CEUs). Instruction is from some of the top coaches, companies and organizations in the sports industry. Courses are offered from some of the best coaches in the country in the strength and conditioning field such as Loren Landow, Joel Raether, Mike Rickett, Patrick McHenry and others.

Totten Training Systems is proud to be named as one of those elite companies that provide the best in online education. We are a company where our major focus is to provide the best in strength and conditioning utilizing the Olympic lifts and other modes of power training for all athletes. Education has always been a key element of TTS so the partnership with Amplify has been a perfect fit!

Check out some of the courses currently offered from Totten Training on the Amplify website:

Five part series teaching the Olympic lifts and their assistance exercises, along with safety and corrective strategies

Two part series emphasizing the power development aspect of the Olympic lifts followed up with basic program design for beginner and intermediate athletes

Very detailed course on analyzing and teaching the clean, snatch and jerk along with basic assistance exercises for those lifts. Student will need to show proficiency in coaching each lift themselves.

Weightlifting principles for Youth and how it differentiates from working with adults. Utilizes the “push / pull / leg” methodology

Weightlifting principles for the “sport coach” who is tasked with weight room coverage outside of their realm of expertise. Utilizes the “push / pull / leg” methodology

Teaches the basics of mental training for your athletes to maximize their physical talents

There are more courses on the horizon, but these are a great way to kick start YOUR continued learning to become the best you can be.

Please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions about the offerings!

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