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Tottenism Tuesday: Brilliant Things Have an Underlying Simplicity

Tottenism Tuesday: Brilliant Things

OK, I have always said that it doesn’t take much to entertain me.   I am constantly amazed at some of the most simple things in life that really smart people have come up with and gotten incredibly rich off of.   Like, for instance, whoever came up with the idea of making the shower curtain rod bowed out rather than straight, giving you much more room in the shower!  Duh!  Pretty smart way of doing something simple to create a better shower!  Well, you know what, SIMPLE things can make your training and competing better!  Sometimes we as coaches try to over complicate things or get real fancy with all the new methods or gimmicks that are out there.  It is often so much better to stick to the simple things that can be done efficiently and automatically.  Find the simple things that work and continue to work consistently on making them even better!  Your athletes will see their progress with these simple strategies and say, hey, my coach is pretty brilliant!!

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