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Tottenism Tuesday: "Mindless" Road Trips?

How many times have you been on a long road trip going to a competition or a training session? We all have, I’m sure. Many times, we are alone in the car just listening to our favorite tunes (and most likely singing along – in my case, not very well!) Pretty much mindless time spent on the road, right? Why not use that time for something a lot more beneficial than just mindless, monotonous road in front of you? I just got back from a 4 hour drive to our East Coast Gold WL Team national headquarters in Virginia Beach for a competition and listened to two different podcasts that Joe Szymanek and Phil Sabatini put together for the “Everyday Weightlifter”. If you haven’t tried that podcast, I highly recommend it. The first was the interview with my buddy, Chad Vaughn. Excellent talk where I picked up some great ideas and learned more of his training philosophies. Then, I listened to Joe and Phil interview Chris Yang, who wrote the book, “100 Days of Technique” and, again, picked up some great ideas! Road trips can be a great opportunity to continue growing! Whether it is listening to educational podcasts or listening to the books on tape that you never seem to get to, use the time wisely. When you stop learning and growing, you have basically stopped living! #tottentraining #tottentrainingsystems #tottenismtuesday #leototten #coachtotten #everydayweightlifter #everydayweightlifterpodcast #listenlearnlift #philsabatini

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