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Tottenism Tuesday: Focus On The Movement

The ironic thing is that our sport is all about numbers (goals, qualifying totals, PRs, competitors), yet athletes have to put numbers out of their heads as much as possible. This is very hard to do, but if they can focus on the MOVEMENT and execution of the lift itself rather than the weight on the bar, they will be much more successful. This mental approach puts a lot less stress on the lifter that they HAVE to make a certain weight but if they are less stressed and more relaxed, better results will come. The athlete puts a lot of time into physical preparation to do certain weights, so it will take some time and training to get the mental part down pat, but the effort is well worth it. When it is time to perform, let it happen and focus on the movement! #tottenismtuesday #tottentraining #tottentrainingsystems #coachtotten #technicallifts #focusonmovement #usaw #usaweightlifting #lifting #strength #technique

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