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Tottenism Tuesday: Bump in the Road

We all have things happen to us, in life as well as in sport. Sometimes those things that happen aren’t the most pleasant or even appear as major setbacks. Well, you know what? Shit happens! We can’t dwell on the negatives, but instead we have to look at the setback as a “bump in the road”. The “bump” needs to be put behind us so we can look to the road ahead. I first came across this little quote a few years back from a good buddy of mine, Joe Delago. It happened that my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days before and I came to the gym but was obviously distraught and distracted about the situation. Joe and I talked about it at length and the one thing I will always remember him saying that, he knew it was a tough time and difficult to see into the future, but that it was just a bump in the road. He wasn’t trying to minimize the condition at all, but it was the attitude needed to deal with it. As it turned out, he was right, it was a bump in the road. The prognosis turned out well so we were fortunate, but the key was the attitude that this quote created. You will come across stuff in your athletic life that seem insurmountable to overcome, but look at it as merely a bump in the road and move on.

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