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Tottenism Tuesday: Chase Your Genetic Potential

Happy #TottenismTuesday ‼️Chasing Your Genetic Potential‼️ This quote came from Tom Ryan, @buckeye158, wrestling coach at Ohio State University. Although I am a huge PENN STATE Wrestling fan and Ohio State is one of their chief rivals, when I heard Ryan mention this line in an interview, I thought how closely it states what our team and my coaching philosophy is all about. Everyone has the genetics they are born with. Unless you can pick your parents, you get what you got. Whether it is a beginner coming in to the gym or working with an elite athlete, we find ways to bring out the best that their genetics will allow. One of my key premises to how I train athletes is that we will do whatever we can to help them reach their full potential. Even if an athlete comes to me and first appearances are that this kid is very limited physically, we will still do whatever we can to maximize the genetics they were given. As long as they are willing to work at it and understand that it is a “process” with no short cuts, I will continue to work with them. Because you never know where they might end up in their athletic career. In my own personal experience, in 8th grade, I weighed 83 pounds (and was so weak, I couldn’t pee a hole in the snow!) 😊 I ended up pretty much coaching myself through most of my lifting career, but if a weightlifting coach saw me when I first started, they probably would have said, “don’t bother, kid. Look into another sport”. Sure glad I figured out on my own that I had to do all the right things to maximize my genetic potential. ‼️Do the same for your athletes and you will be successful as a coach‼️ #leototten #tottentraining#tottentrainingsystems #tomryan #geneticpotential #coach#weightlifting #lifting #usaw

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