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Tottenism Tuesday: Coaching Science

I just finished listening to Brett Bartholmew’s podcast, The Art of Coaching, with guest Todd Hamer.  Both of these coaches are long time friends and outstanding coaches so I was anxious to hear the words of wisdom they had to offer in this segment.  There were many tidbits that I came away with, but one that struck me to remind everyone, that coaching is a science as well as an art.  The science is the programming or the x’s and o’s, if you will.  The strategies need to be backed by research and proven experiences.  But there is also an art to coaching.  This is the personal relationships, leadership and motivations skills that need to apply.  I think it is important to remember that the Science has to come first.  If what you do is backed by solid “science”, then you will naturally be able to follow it up and enhance it with the “art” that your personal touch can add.

Tottenism Tuesday: Coaching Science

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