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Tottenism Tuesday: Hey Coach, Are You A Professional?

Taulia Tagovailoa (brother of Tua) is the quarterback for the University of Maryland football team. He has been praised by his coach, Mike Locksley, as being a “studier” who takes copious notes, meets constantly with other coaches, shows leadership on and off the field and is basically, a gym rat. Coach goes on to compare the position of quarterback as a “job” or as a “profession”. He sees a “job” as something that is 9 to 5, but a “profession” as 24/7. He wants his qb, in particular, to approach the position as a professional and that Taulia is fitting that bill to a tee. The question for all you coaches out there, do you approach your position as a “job” where you do the bare minimum and put in your time, or do you approach it as a “profession”, proud of the work you are doing and giving it your full, undivided attention and carrying yourself as a professional. The coaching profession is just that – a profession. Treat the position with dignity and respect and you will get the dignity and respect you have earned and deserve. It should be an honor to have your athletes simply call you “Coach”.

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