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Tottenism Tuesday: Life Can Only Be Understood Backward

I read all the time – books, magazines, blogs, technical manuals, you name it. Right now, I am re-reading “Mind Over Water” by Craig Lambert. Everyone knows I am a weightlifting guy, but fascinated by how other sports relate to my sport and life in general. This book is about Crew and correlates the work involved in that sport to life. This particular quote is by the philosopher, Kierkegaard, who stated, “Life can only be understood backward, but, unfortunately it must be lived forward.” From a sculling perspective, the rower is facing away from the destination (rowing backwards) so he/she is steering forward by looking behind. The immediate past guides them into the future. They have to find a point to use a “lodestar” but make adjustments based on current, wind, etc. but with the target still in mind. Everyone can learn a lesson from this. Understand and learn from your past so you are able to better move forward. Keep an eye on your own “lodestar” and make adjustments along the way.

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