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Tottenism Tuesday: Make 'Em Feel Special

OK, just one more Johnny Parker gem and then I promise to move on! 😊 Athletes will perform better for you if you in one way or another, make ‘em feel special! Let them know how much you care about them as a person and not just a cog in the winning machine that you are trying to produce. How you speak to them, how you listen to them, how you praise them, how you discipline them – it all goes into developing that positive relationship. A very simplistic example is one of the tricks I used in my Physical Education/Weight Training classes back in my high school teaching days. I made it a point to say something to each individual in the class and say their name as I was speaking to them and made sure I did this every day. It was an easy habit to get into and reaped big dividends in how the class performed. Even little things like that can “make ‘em feel special”.

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