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Tottenism Tuesday: Meet Them Where They Are

#TottenismTuesday I am always impressed with excellence no matter what the endeavor. Whether it be sports or otherwise, I have tremendous respect for anyone who has risen to the top of their chosen field. That is why I tuned in the NFL Honors on TV the other day. The players being honored are the best of the best for the 2021 season. In particular, I am super impressed with the honorees of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. All 32 teams had a representative who did more than excel on the field, but used that platform to make a huge difference in their community. The overall winner was Andrew Whitworth of the LA Rams. His acceptance speech was awesome and he made some very important points. One in particular stood out: understanding that kids all come from various backgrounds, the key is to meet them where they are and then help them get to the next level.

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