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Tottenism Tuesday: No Weights?

These are crazy times where athletes are kept out of gyms and often stuck at home with no barbells to continue their training. I certainly understand the frustration! What can you do??

There are lots of bodyweight, fitness programs out there on the internet and they are all an excellent way to stay fit and, if nothing else, get you off the couch!. Obviously, that isn’t the same as getting out there and lifting or practicing the snatch, clean and jerk or whatever your particular skill needed.

Well, this is a perfect time to practice Visualization. Mental training is often the forgotten part of overall athletic development. We spend hours practicing the physical, but often neglect the mental side of things. By visualizing your lifts (or whatever skill your sport requires), the nervous system and the body remembers and continues to engrain those techniques even though not actually practicing them physically.

Remember – the mind is a muscle too! Visualization is a learned skill that takes practice but what better time than now??

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