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Tottenism Tuesday: Putting In The Work

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but have you put in the work and

effort to have one?" - Leo Totten To follow up on a previous "Tottenism", this quote rings true as well. Many people are quite free about offering their opinion on what is the "right" way to train, or more often, offer their opinion as to what is wrong with someone else's training thoughts and strategies. They find it easier to criticize someone else's training than

accepting that, hey, maybe someone else has some good thoughts and might have the experience and background to back it up. But the bottom line is, before they criticize someone else, have they themselves really put in the time and effort to even have an opinion and gotten the results to validate it? In today's world, many folks feel "entitled" but entitlement needs to be earned with the test of time and results.

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