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Tottenism Tuesday: Run With the Lame

Not sure where this quote came from, but it certainly states pretty clearly what I have preached in another Tottenism where I stated that I try to only hang out with quality individuals. People who are positive, forward thinking and anti-drama. By hanging out with quality people, it helps pick you up to that level and help keep you from dropping down to where you don’t want to be in your life and what you aspire to accomplish. A perfect example of how it is so easy to slip into negativity and moving in the wrong direction is WAY back when I was working my way through college every summer by working construction. The regular, long term construction guys were really great guys, but, man, did they have quite the mouth on them, every other word was “f” this and “f’ing” that. I am not an angel by any means and have done my share of cursing, but by hanging out with them, over time, I found myself cursing more and more. (Very embarrassing to unknowingly say, “pass the f…ing peas at the dinner table!) So…… If you “Run with the Lame, You will develop a Limp”.

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