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Tottenism Tuesday: Say No To The Good

As a followup to last week’s Tottenism, this one should hit home for a lot of us. I am constantly reading self-help books and publications as well as success, leadership and business materials. Success Magazine is one of my favorites and where I got this thought. I know this quote should get your attention! Learning to say NO to the Good doesn’t sound like something a positive guy like myself would be saying, right? Well, think about it, all you “multi-taskers” out there – saying NO to the GOOD ideas and tasks at hand allows you to create space for the GREAT! There are only so many hours in the day and you want to take advantage of the time you are putting into things, right? If you are going to ADD something to your tight schedule, you need to DELETE something to make room. Obviously, you want to say NO to the bad ideas, but sometimes you need to say NO to even the Good ideas to make room for the GREAT ideas!!

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