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Tottenism Tuesday: Train Like Your Have Never Won

This quote comes down to discipline. It is easy to get complacent, we are all human with human frailties. Particularly in these times of pandemic where there is a lot of time to contemplate doing other things besides getting off the couch and doing the training session that you know you should do or that you have promised yourself you would do. Your next competition may be way down the line in the unforeseen future, so it is easy to put off today what you can do tomorrow. Like I said, it’s just human nature. But now is the perfect time to get that quality training in, working on the things you need to work on and training like you have never won anything. Then, when the competitions do come back into play, that discipline and serious training will pay off and put you in position to compete with confidence and aggressiveness – compete like you have never lost!

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