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Tottenism Tuesday: Wherever You Are

Updated: May 19, 2020

I stole this quote from my buddy and fellow strength coach, Todd Hamer, who gives credit to Jim Elliot for the original quote. Anyway, it is a great followup to last week’s Tottenism on “It’s Not Where You Start….”. Wherever you are in your training, in your life, in your relationships – be all there! So many folks are trying to multi-task and do too many things, often superficially and not really effectively. They tend to hear without really listening or look right at you and not even see you because their mind is elsewhere. Sound familiar? (I must admit, I plead guilty to this myself) Life is all about balance and compartmentalizing. We all have a lot going on, but train yourself to really focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention. If you are “all there”, the results will be much more positive and effective, plus life will be a lot less stressed!!

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