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Tottenism Tuesday: It's All About The Relationships

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

#tottenismtuesday. While attending the Juniata Strength Conference in June (by the way, one of the absolute best conferences around!), I was privileged to hear Greg Werner speak. He is the head strength coach at Virginia Tech and one of the most knowledgeable coaches around. He had a unique approach to his talk where he had video of about 10 strength coaches and he asked them what are the “secrets” to their longevity and success as a coach. Not surprisingly, virtually every one of the coaches listed relationships with their athletes as one of the major factors in their success. Knowing the science behind the training is important but really getting to know your athletes and relating to them is huge. How much you know is not as important as how much you care. If you are hiding behind your desk or your computer while they are training instead of being out there and being the “hands on” kind of coach, you aren’t getting the most out of your athletes. Get to know them, find out how they tick, treat them all with respect and fairness. You will get the most out of your athletes and you will reap the rewards of that good, strong relationship. #leototten #tottentraining#sportsperformance #buildtrust #coachthemup #virginiatech#juniatastrengthandconditioning

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