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Weightlifting House Podcast: Leo Totten CEO of East Coast Gold w/ Josh Gibson

"Trying out something new this week. Joshua Gibson might be joining the Weightlifting House team, bringing more interviews to the show! This is a trial run and as such we both request as much feedback as possible. Do you guys want me to bring the Philosophical Weightlifter on board to fill in the Tuesday/Thursday slots? On this week’s episode of the podcast Josh was joined by former weightlifter, current coach, founder of East Coast Gold, and lifelong student, Leo Totten This was a phenomenal show and Josh has nothing but respect for the amount of time and effort Leo has put into developing himself and the individuals he coaches. He has been and continues to be a crucial part in the development of the sport of weightlifting. In this episode they cover Leo's background, approach to training, approach to developing himself as a coach, and why it’s imperative to always be open minded. "

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