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Totten Training: Feature Friday - Mackenzie Christie

Totten Training introducing Feature Friday! Starting in 2020 we will be doing additional daily features to add to our always exciting Tottenism Tuesdays. But we figured, why make you wait, we can get going on Feature Friday now!

What better way to start Feature Friday than with an article about one of Leo's lifters Mackenzie Christie. In October, Mackenzie showcased Weightlifting as her talent at the Miss Hanover Pageant. Check out the article, photos and video interview.

When Mackenzie Christie got up on stage to perform her talent at the 2019 Miss Hanover Area pageant last month, she was worried she would be ridiculed.

Unlike the other contestants, who showcased more traditional singing and dancing numbers, Mackenzie went with what she knows best: Olympic weightlifting.

"I wanted it to be something that was motivating for people, and my biggest fear was that it would be more of a laughingstock than anything else," Mackenzie said.

Contrary to her expectations, Mackenzie's unusual talent was a crowd-pleaser for the hundreds in attendance at New Oxford High School on Oct. 28. (Courtesy of the Evening Sun. Read the full Article and watch Mackenzie's interview here)

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