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Tottenism Tuesday: Be Quick, But Don't Hurry

Happy #TottenismTuesday I once read a book by John Wooden called "Be Quick, But Don't Hurry". The book was about his training philosophies, many of which can relate to all sport. Coach Wooden was one of the most successful basketball coaches of all time and the way he handled his athletes and his coaching philosophy was the absolute best! We can certainly learn a lot from him, even in the weightlifting world. I think of that quote when I see lifters try to "hurry" to get into the proper power position for both the clean and snatch. By rushing to get into the position, they get there too early, causing them to go up on the toes too early and not staying flat footed long enough. Instead, the bar ends up swinging out away from the body and losing essential vertical force production. Part of the reason for this "hurried" pulling pattern is a lack of strength in the posterior chain to keep the shoulders in front of the bar as long as possible, but primarily, the lifter is just not patient enough. The lifter needs to be "quick" once the bar is in the correct power position, both in the pull as well as getting under the bar, but cannot "hurry" to get to that position. Fast up and fast under, but patience getting there! #throwback #tbt #oldschoolweightlifting #oldschoolcoaches #backintheday #rememberwhen #oglifters

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