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Tottenism Tuesday: Ordinary vs Extraordinary

"Ordinary people have big TVs; Extraordinary people have big libraries."

- Johnny Parker

Once again, one of my favorite coaches of all time and a legend in the field, Johnny Parker, hits the nail on the head. If you want to be extraordinary and do extraordinary things, READ and STUDY! Whether you are a student/athlete or a coach, the more you continue with that Growth Mindset, the higher levels you will attain. When I was coach and athletic director at my high school, we would have an assembly before each season where we met with the athletes and parents to go over rules and expectations. One of the main points I always tried to drive home was “hit the books”! The kids and the parents think that athletic scholarships offering the big bucks are right around the corner. But, you know what, they just aren’t that easy or attainable! If you are a good athlete AND a good student, then the D2 and D3 schools will find you financial help IF your grades are good too. So, for a variety of reasons, keep building that library!!

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