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Tottenism Tuesday: Success Builds On Success

Happy #tottenismtuesday! My team, @eastcoastgoldwl, recently returned from a very successful weekend at the @usa _weightlifting Nationals. We entered the meet with 28 lifters (!), 17 men and 11 women. Once again, we walked away with both the Men AND Women's Team titles!! That makes a total of 29 national titles, not even including the American Open, the other big national event for USA Weightlifting. There are a lot of reasons why our team does so well, but one of the major factors is our philosophy of "success builds on success." What we mean by that is, basically, just to make lifts. Sounds like a simple process, but its amazing how many teams don't seem to have that same mode of attack. How you pick your attempts or the strategy you use is crucial to making lifts. So for us, that choice of first attempt is key. We choose a weight that is reasonable to get you in the competition and then chopping away at adding precious kg's to the total. Many try to start too high figuring they need as much advantage as possible, but that often leads to missing that first attempt and really putting the pressure on to succeed. Our strategy is to be smarter on that first attempt and then the lifter has more confidence going into the second attempt. Success builds on success. If the first two lifts are good, which is often the case, then the mindset is ready for a strong third attempt, potentially a PR! Again, success builds on success! I have seen it happen much too often where an athlete makes the first attempt and then wants to jump immediately to a PR on their second attempt. Their thought pattern is that this way they have two shots at it. Well, if they think they need two shots at it, they already have in their head the possibility of missing it at least once. Not exactly the mindset for success! Of course, missed lifts happen, but if the athlete and coach put themselves in a position to succeed, confidence levels will stay up and the chances of success happening is greater! #throwback #tbt #oldschoolweightlifting #oldschoolcoaches #backintheday #rememberwhen #oglifters

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