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Tottenism Tuesday: What Are Your Limiting Factors?

Fergus Connelly, in his book “59 Lessons” (which I highly recommend, by the way), discussed dealing with weaknesses in your training and/or competition.  I have always been a fan of recognizing your weak areas and focusing on them to improve along with continuing to work on your strong areas as well.  But he has a different, more directional mindset in that he has rephrased the term “weaknesses” to “limiting factors”.  That puts a more positive twist on what you need to focus on.  What are the factors in your training or your life that are holding you back from being as successful as possible?  These limiting factors may or may not be a particular weakness per se, but something that needs to be addressed.  Continue to work on your strengths because they are the primary reason why you are as successful as you are at this point.  However, to continue to break through those barriers, the limiting factors need to be attacked.  It is human nature to like to work on what you are good at.  It takes focus and discipline to work on what you are not.  The effort will be well worth it.

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