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Tottenism Tuesday: A Wise Old Man

A Wise Man Once Said…..Nothing

A wise man knows when to stop talking and truly listen. It is very difficult to listen if you are always talking! A “pseudo” wise man will keep talking to show how wise they are. By “pseudo” wise man, I am referring to the “expert” who has all the answers and doesn’t mind sharing his wisdom with all of those around him (and we all know a bunch of folks who fit that bill, don’t we??) Well, if he is always talking, then how can he truly listen and absorb the knowledge that someone else can impart? And I mean “truly” listen! Not just sit quietly, nodding the head the whole time and not really hearing what the other person is saying. So, be that wise man – be quiet, truly listen and absorb any good knowledge that you can to continue to grow!

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