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Tottenism Tuesday: How Much Water Can A Penny Hold?

Once again, “Weight Room Wisdom” by Ron McKeefery is my source for another Tottenism. In one of the chapters, Mitch Hauschildt (Missouri State University) proposed the question – How Much Water Can a Penny Hold? Sounds like a bit of an odd question, but hear me out. If you lay a penny flat, how many drops of water do you think you can lay on the surface? If you are like me when I thought about it, my guess would be two, maybe three drops. When you actually give it a try, you will be amazed at how many drops are able to stay on the penny. Applying one drop at a time from an eye dropper, the drops form a bit of a crown and can end up holding as many as 10 or more drops! It can actually hold more than you think. Applying that principle to life – YOU can accomplish more than you originally think and YOU can push beyond your early expectations. An initial goal or challenge may be daunting, but step by step (drop by drop) more and more is accomplished!

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